Soundtrack: Ladytron – Seventeen

Another tidbit of music I’ve found. I particularly like this one.


Soundtrack: tUnE-yArDs – Gangsta

Random song, really good. Everybody needs to hear it. So hear it.

Watch: Stop Motion Clip Made With Over 60,000 Printed Pictures

It may be an advertisement, but it’s one of the cooler ones!

PEN Story

[Via Koikoikoi]

You Are What You Eat-Voldemort Style

I was browsing Tumblr today, and I saw this post. It’s the creepiest thing, but it actually works, via some terrible, twisted logic. And I mean terrible and twisted.

But funny. Quite funny.

Game Time: Ball Droppings

Interesting little game here. Absolutely no point, but it could keep you entertained for hours (especially if you’re bored at the office or school).

Artist Creates Portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. Out of RUBIX CUBES

“Dream Big” is a piece done by artist Pete Fecteau, made entirely out of Rubix cubes!


[Pictures via Pete Fecteau]